Tacticalories Wild Turkey Jerky with the Weston Jerky Board

Recipe contributed by Managing Editor K. Slye.

I had every intention of making it into the turkey woods this spring.  I bought mouth diaphragm calls, and practiced incessantly, much to the chagrin of my wife.  But I found myself walking in the woods with a rod and reel instead, while my Mossberg stayed ever vigilant in the gun safe.

But, I’m fortunate enough to have good family friends that are avid and successful turkey hunters.  John dropped off a whole bird at my parent’s house, where he and my Dad did the bulk of the processing, before my Dad dropped it off at my house.

Once I received it, I cleaned and separated the breasts, legs, and thighs, and tried to decide what I wanted to do with it.  The folks at Weston Products were nice enough to send me a Jerky Board, so it didn’t take long for me to come up with the idea of wild turkey jerky.  I decided on two different flavors, both seasonings by Tacticalories Brand.  The first is their tried and true Assault and Pepper, the second is a Barbeque seasoning they are in the processing of developing.


Assault and Pepper Flavor

  • 2.5 lbs wild turkey breasts (about the size of one Breast)
  • 4 tsp Tacticalories Assault and Pepper seasoning
  • ¼ tsp Prague Powder #1 – Weston had the forethought to include this with the Jerky Board
  • ¼ Cup water


Tacticalories BBQBBQ Flavor

  • 2.5 lbs wild turkey breasts (about the size of one Breast)
  • 4 tsp Tacticalories BBQ seasoning
  • ¼ tsp Prague Powder #1
  • ¼ Cup water


Both flavors of seasonings contain salt, if you decide to use a different seasoning that does not contain salt, add about 2 tsp of salt for every 5 pounds of meat.


  • Slice the turkey breast into thin slices using the Weston Jerky board and knife. This process is much is easier if the breasts are slightly frozen.
  • Mix the seasonings, cure, and water together
  • Place turkey slices and seasoning mixture into a dish, cover and place into the refrigerator overnight. Make sure the turkey is completely covered with the seasoning mixture.

Wild Turkey Jerky

  • When you are ready to smoke the turkey, bring your smoker to temperature and lay the turkey slices on the rack with enough space between slices to allow then to cook and smoke evenly.
  • Allow the turkey to cook in the smoker WITHOUT smoke for about an hour at 150°F, we don’t want the smoke to overpower the flavor
  • Turn smoker to 170° and add desired wood chips – I used apple, and continue to smoke for another 1 to 2 hours.

Wild Turkey Jerky

  • Remove from smoker, if meat is still wet continue smoking. It should still bend and be pliable.
  • Enjoy!

Once I got the hang of using the jerky board it was easy to make uniform slices of turkey breast so they would cook evenly in the smoker. The Weston Products Jerky Board made the preparation simple, Tacticalories made the recipe simple, and the end product was simply delicious!

Make sure to check out Weston Products for more wild game processing equipment and Reconnect with Real Food.

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