From Fishing to Bingo to the Technologies that Bind the Two

FishingArticle contributed by K. Taylor.

At first glance, it’s safe to say that fishing and bingo are polar opposites in a lot of – if not all – aspects. On one hand, you have an outdoor activity that has a ton of branches ranging from recreational, to commercial, to even subsistence. On the other, you have an indoor pursuit involving a set of cards, a series of patterns, and a whole lot of numbers. Indeed, these leisure interests may seem worlds apart in terms of their pretenses; but just like most things in this world, technology has put its magic touch and combined the two.

The Improvement of Fishing Technologies Throughout the Years

Mobile apps such as Orvis Fly Fishing, FirstMate, and Boating US & Canada by Navionics help casual and even professional anglers when it comes to tricks and information. However, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology pointed out in a study entitled ‘Saving the Oceans’ the three primary concerns of the current fishing technology as the destruction of ocean environs, ghost fishing, and bycatch. Though many implement modern fishing know-hows to catch as many and as efficient as possible, it still raises the problem of damaging the health of ocean ecosystems. Thankfully, many have made considerable efforts to come up with new gears and strategies for sustainable harvesting. Throughout the years, people have developed environmentally friendly fishing mechanisms to uphold a healthy ocean ecosystem without compromising performance.

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The Evolution of Bingo from Public Halls to the Worldwide Web

Bingo has been around for ages; tracing its roots back in 1500s Italy during an era when it was considered as a form of lottery, according to As expected, the game went through a lot of controversies that may or may not shape the entirety of it. With constant improvements, different commissions, and responsible gaming, bingo has now become one of the many effective vehicles for giving back. All over the world, people organize social events to promote various causes or raise funds for charity. This endeavor only strengthened bingo’s hold on the hearts of enthusiasts, which even spurred the popularity of the game’s online variant. Today, bingo incorporates the aforementioned enhancements and regulations into a more convenient – and modern – setting.

A Strong Partnership Between Fishing and Bingo

The yearly Fish ‘O’ Mania event has been a fixture in the British summer sporting calendar for more than two decades. Last year, Jamie Hughes became just the second angler in the 22-year history of the competition to bag the title twice – with a winning catch of 16.600 kilograms. In the women’s draw, Samantha Sim held the distinction of being the first to claim four Fish ‘O’ Mania Ladies’ crowns after netting a 6.630-kilogram catch. The team event saw England’s dominance yet again as they picked up a wire-to-wire victory en route to their fifth straight title. Many people see these popular headlines, but only a few know that this annual event has strong ties with online bingo companies. Coral Group, a British gaming operator that owns the reputable bingo platform, Gala Bingo, is the proud sponsor of Fish ‘O’ Mania. The company even offered side events like the  £5,000 ($7200) ‘guess the weight’ challenge for fans. Truly, this partnership will continue to blossom for years to come, especially with comprehensive media coverage for fans and mutual interests from both parties.

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