Randy Newberg: Why I Hunt


We all have different reasons as to why we hunt.  Here at Harvesting Nature, we love sourcing our own food, knowing our hands are the only ones that touched it, and giving the animal the respect that it deserves.  No matter the reason we choose to hunt, we can all agree, hunting is something we love to do.  Watch as Randy Newberg discusses one reason why he chooses to hunt.

“These woods, these hills, these waters…this is where I get my food.
-Randy Newberg

“When I say ‘I am a hunter’, that means a lot.  That means I am committed to conservation… I am committed to the next generation of deer and elk and bears and wolves… As long as I am here, I will be doing what I can to make sure that place for that wild animal is there for the next generation.  And that is why I hunt.”
-Randy Newberg

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