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Someday Isle Tackle: Product Review

Article Contributed by Field Staff Writer C. Rahn and Managing Editor K. Slye.

Recently, a few writers for Harvesting Nature received a handful of Someday Isle Tackle’s Water Puppets, an innovative jig head designed to fish under a bobber or on hard water. Field Staff Writer C. Rahn took to the waters of Iowa and reported back to tell us how the Water Puppets did for him, and Managing Editor K. Slye got on the water in northwest Pennsylvania to see if the Water Puppet lived up to the hype.

Caleb Rahn
When I am not fly fishing, I love catching heavy fish on an ultralight rod here in Iowa, and Someday Isle Tackle sent the perfect tackle for that very style of fishing. Although starting with mostly ice-fishing related products, Someday Isle has patented a new style of jig that is addicting to fish. Someday Isle Tackle delivers diverse products that range in price, weight, and color, but I was fortunate enough to fish several different weights and colors. I went to several types of bodies of water, ranging from ponds to marshes, and I threw out different jigs with different set-ups each time. From panfish and small bass, the Someday Isle Tackle Water Puppet worked effectively every time I went fishing. For crappie and bluegill, I had a great amount of success with Chartreuse and Glow Orange. For the several bass I caught, I had the Glow White tied onto the end of my 8# line. Anymore, many of the products in today’s fishing departments are designated for one species, but Someday Isle Tackle’s unique design and color peak the interests of any fish in the water.

Pike caught in IowaSeveral weeks ago, a couple of my buddies and I traveled up north of University of Northern Iowa to a marsh-like fishing area to see if some larger fish would fall for Someday Isle’s heavier Water Puppets. The dark, murky water was over-populated with small shad in the deeper areas, but we knew larger Pike were fighting the flowing current somewhere along the banks. I tied on the heaviest Water Puppet, and actually used PowerBait Ripple Shad to cover the hook. Although unique, this technique seemed to peak the interest of the Pike, and we had a great amount of success.

Someday Isle Tackle has created an effective, reliable product that truly catches the eye of any fish. Although their Water Puppet worked flawlessly, I am looking forward to trying their Shimmerling jig, along with the Fire Tiger Zonker.

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Kory Slye
I was fortunate enough to try the Water Puppet on both open water and the hard water of Presque Isle Bay in Erie. I was excited to use the Water Puppet, it definitely looks different than your typical jig head design.

Someday Isle TroutMy friend and I like to head to a small nearby lake in northwest Pennsylvania. We avoid the crowds by heading out in his row boat as the sun sets during the summer. Our main objective is catching the rainbow trout that get stocked in the lake early in the spring, by early summer most of the trout fisherman have given up on the lake so we get it mostly to ourselves more often than not. We usually do pretty well, but using the Water Puppet, with just a piece of a night crawler on its hook, seemed to make the nights even more exciting.

Because the Water Puppet is so versatile, and attracts just about any fish, we found that we brought into the boat not only the trout, but slab sized bluegill and crappie as well. Both of us always use two rods, and when we tried the Someday Isle jigs, we rigged one up with the Someday Isle successnormal set up, a single hook with a piece of night crawler with a split shot above it and the second rod with the Water Puppet and a piece of night crawler. Each of us had nearly a 2:1 advantage on the rod using the Water Puppet.

I’m a novice at ice fishing – I haven’t been doing it for very long so I’ve used the Water Puppet and Shimmerling for most of it. I’e had the most luck while using the Shimmerling, so I don’t see the need to try anything else.

Someday Isle Perch
Later this spring I will have the opportunity to use the heavier Water Puppets when I head out on Lake Erie in search of Walleye, which I’m excited about.  It will be a chance to catch yet another species of fish with this same, yet multifaceted jig design.

I’m happy with everything that I’ve used from Someday Isle, I was able to produce fish and we even got a side by side comparison. They put together a great design that is clearly a step above your ordinary jig head. These jigs are something every angler needs to have in their tackle box.

Go to to order the Water Puppet today!

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