One More Cast: Fishing with Family in Southern Utah

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Tiger Trout in UtahArticle Contributed by Field Staff Writer E. Beesley.

If you love to fish, then any day out on the water is a great day. But there is one day in particular that really stands out in my mind.

It was a beautiful fall day. We woke up early and started driving to one of our favorite reservoirs in southern Utah. We were prepared, and our truck was packed to the brim. My husband, myself, our two youngest kids, our dog Arrow, and everything we needed to make this an enjoyable fishing trip. We had a long drive ahead of us, but we were all excited about what might be in store for us that day. The drive was bumpy but the scenery was breathtaking. The fall colors had reached their peak and the vibrancy was stunning. Golden yellows, ruby reds, and luscious orange leaves surrounded us as we journeyed up the mountain. Views of the valley peaked out through the trees. Around every turn there was something beautiful.

Our anticipation grew as we approached the reservoir. We knew even if we were unable to catch anything, we were going to have a memorable day. Finally we pulled up and found our spot. We were the only people there! We started the set up process. We rigged up our rods and my son’s spider man fishing pole. We brought out the snacks, let our dog off the leash, and began casting. Right away we had hits. When you have a hit on the first cast, you know it’s going to be a productive day. Second cast, another hit, and this time he was hooked! A big nice healthy cutthroat. At this point we were pretty excited. We had just begun and were already successful.

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Tiger Trout in UtahMy son was really feeling the excitement. Every cast he thought he had a fish. At first it was just hung up on some moss, but about the fifth cast again he yells “I’ve got a fish!” We were somewhat skeptical, but we cheered him on. As he was reeling in we could see that he indeed had a fish on. And not just any fish. This was a 20 inch beautiful tiger trout that he caught completely by himself. We were a little shocked but completely ecstatic for him! This was the biggest, prettiest fish he had ever caught. You could see the joy shine through his eyes. He was so proud of himself! From that moment he was hooked. He fished the entire day. Cast after cast he continued tirelessly. He went on to catch two more massive tiger trout and two big cutthroat, completely on his own.

Fishing in Southern UtahWe were all pretty successful in the amount of fish we caught that day. But what made this day so memorable was seeing our six year old little boy’s happiness, and the perseverance he manifested. Even when we were packing up to go, he wouldn’t stop fishing. “One more cast,” he said again and again, “one more cast.”





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  • Lovely column. Thank you for taking your boy fishing. The beauty of the surroundings and the fish he caught will live forever within him. This is what we are all about at Thank you for an inspiring read!


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