Film: “1000 Waters” by Christian Ihrybauer


Today we thought we would give you some warm water motivation with this Fly Fishing film.

1000 Waters is the Title given to a ponderous film about the incredible diversity found in the Bahia de la Ascension in Mexico’s Sian Ka’an Biosphere.

On a two-day Fishing trip with my friend Jerry Lin, I was immersed in how many variations and states of Water a Fly Fisherman and his/her Guides come across in their search for the elusive Salt Water Fish.

1000 Waters also relates to the Thousands of Challenges and Proverbial Waters I dip my toes into, in the pursuit of Filming this roaring Passion of so many people out there. I hope my experimentation and growth continues.

Best Served Cold and with Headphones.

Fisherman | Jerry Lin
Guides | Christian Cardenas | Filiberto

Film | Edit Christian Ihrybauer

4BC Productions

Music | Gidge “Dusk”

[6D | GoPro | FCPX]

One thought on “Film: “1000 Waters” by Christian Ihrybauer

  • October 1, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    Im so frustrated trying to get saltwater fish to bite on my flies im almost tempted to stop fly fishing !


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