Film: “Expedition-TAIMEN” by Black Fly Eyes


For today’s fly fishing film we would like to share the work of Black Fly Eyes and their expedition into the Russian Wilderness to fish for giant Taimen. What are Taimen, you ask?

Taimen is the largest member of the salmonid family, which also includes trout and salmon. These fish are so predacious they are often call “River Wolves” because they hunt in packs and primarily prey on other fish, ducks, and even rats. The larger Taimen can reach lengths up to six feet. They are a threatened species with only significant populations remaining in Russia and Mongolia. *

Enjoy the film!

Finally we got back from our Russian expedition! Well actually it is not so easy to describe all that we had discovered, but it was an insane trip with a dose of adrenaline! After landing by plane straight away jumping into monster truck and driving 17hours by terribly bad forest roads then jumping in the heavy loaded jet boats leading by heavy rain, strong wind, motor sound, shot guns, freezing body, vodka and disappearing somewhere deep in Russian wilderness… High water level in the river, bad weather, moving boats, difficult filming conditions witch made our fishing really tough! But any way we got our rods banded by the fish we came here for. TAIMEN! This fish blows away all this extreme you go through when it is in the end of your fly line!

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