Film: “The Draw” by T.C. Worley

This film serves as a reminder of what Draws us all into the hunt. Many people do not realize the amount of effort and dedication that is required to be a hunter. We fully immerse ourselves in this lifestyle for the Fall season, at minimum. You will often see the hunters who have the greatest success rate are the ones who are constantly fine tuning their game and practicing the be a better hunter.

Enjoy this great film by T.C. Worley. Visit his Vimeo page at:

We are honored to have won 3 Telly Awards for this short: Silver for Editing, Silver for “Reality” and Bronze for Directing.

Written an Directed by: Ryan Wheeler and T.C. Worley
Director of Photography: T.C. Worley
B Cam Operator: Dallas Currie
CineCopter: Fresh Sights Media
Editor: Ryan Wheeler
Sound Design: Nick Mihalevich
Color: Dallas Currie
Actor: Joshua Howe

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