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Product Review: Allen Fly Fishing and PostFly Box

Caleb with Trout

Article contributed by Field Staff Writer C. Rahn.

Social media has become the new way to market products, businesses, and ideas. Several months ago, I discovered the page of Allen Fly Fishing , a growing company based out of Texas, whose reels and rods are starting to make waves in the fly fishing community.

Now most of us have heard of Orvis, Simms, or Nautilus, but I personally love to support small businesses who are focused on customer service and take pride in having their name across a product . Recently, Allen Fly Fishing released the “Ready to Fish” combo, and at the time of this release, I was fishing with a Scientific Anglers 9’ 7wt combo.

The Ready to Fish combo provided a great product that fit into my slim budget, and as a college student, I am constantly looking for outdoor companies that cater to the needs of my Ramen-Noodle-budget, and Allen Fly Fishing delivers a durable, quality combo that surpasses any other combo on the market. The Allen combo comes with their Prelude rod, ATS reel, backing, floating line, 9’ 5x leader, and even a protective reel and rod case (you have the option for a 7wt or 5wt, I purchased the 5wt).


The ATS reel is fully machined barstock aluminum, but more importantly, comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Last week, I made the trip to Northeast Iowa to truly test out the Prelude rod and ATS reel. I tied on several different flies, from an Elk Hair Caddis, to a Chernoboyl Ant, and did not get a single hit, but my new rod casted wonderfully, and presenting the fly seemed to be simplified by the Prelude rod.

After receiving no bites, I finally switched to an Egg Sucking Leech, size eight, and begin to cast upstream. First cast with the streamer provided a beautiful Brook Trout, but I was more impressed with the sensitivity of the Prelude, and the drag system on the ATS reel. The Egg Sucking Leech was the fly-of-the-day, and whether casting upstream, downstream, stripping the streamer across deep pools of water almost always provided a hit or fish.


Whether it is their Alpha III reel, or Exterus Sportswear, I will continue to support and buy all my fly fishing needs from the Allen Fly Fishing

In addition to finding Allen Fly Fishing on social media, I recently found a company by the name of PostFly Box. This company is a subscription-based fly fishing company, that sends flies and other small fly fishing related products on a monthly basis. For $15 a month, you have the option to receive flies for Trout, Bass, Saltwater fish, and even Steelhead. With a simple website, Postfly has streamlined the process of buying flies, and has created an reasonable business that revolves around great customer service and great flies that could help land the next finicky fish in your sights. Effective and stress-free, the Postfly Box is a must-have for any angler.

Instagram Usernames:

Allen Fly Fishing- @AllenFlyFishing

Postfly Box Company- @PostFlyBox

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  • Carolyn Taylor

    Great product review of Allen Fly Fishing. I liked the accompanying photos. too.


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