Fly Tying: Zebra Midge


Article contributed by Field Staff Writer M. Spencer.

Tied from a 16 down to a 22, 24, or even a 26, the Zebra Midge can be an extremely effective fly during the colder months of the year, especially when there are no caddis, mayfly, or stonefly hatches going on. I’ll usually have an assortment of sizes and colors, including red, olive, dun, and black. Click “Read More” to see step by step instructions. 

Hook: Scud or emerger hook of your choice

Body: Tying thread of your choice. I prefer 8/0 Uni as it builds quick but is still thin enough for this small range of hooks.

Rib: UTC Ultrawire sized to match fly.

Bead: Optional. If I’m fishing it as a dropper behind a heavy nymph, I’ll likely fish it without a bead.


Step 1: Starting your thread behind the eye (or bead) tie in your ribbing wire and wrap your thread to the bend of the hook, securing the wire.

Step 2: Using your thread, build up a body, tapering from behind the eye or the bead down to the bend.

Step 3: Wrap the wire forward to the head, tie off, whip finish, and cement.

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