Answers from the Field

Answers From the Field – January

Answers From the Field

“What is the one tool/item that you always take with you into the field?”

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JustinJ. Townsend:

I always take a knife with me into the field. It is the most versatile tool I own. I know I can depend on a knife to assist me with common tasks as well as help me in the need of an emergency.

KaceeK. Floerke:

The one thing I always take with me is my “Game Pack”. This is a smaller backpack that allows me to carry all of my essentials like, knives, binoculars, first aid kit, and of course extra ammo. Nothing leaves this bag, and if it is used then it is immediate replaced. I highly suggest making a Game Pack yourself for all of your outdoor adventures, even if it is a short trip. You never know what situation you will run into and find the Game Pack to be a necessity.

cduff1C. Duff:

One thing i never even leave the house without is my pocket knife. From cleaning fish and game to cutting kindling or just cleaning fingernails, its easily one of the most used items ill take with me afield.

MichaelM. Spencer:

The one thing I always have in my bag is a good length of parachute cord. It’s proven invaluable to me over the years. You never know when you might have to put up an impromptu shelter, hang some socks near the fire, or even try and snare some dinner.


H. Dulaney

Although they’re are several important tools that I always take with me out into the field, one of great importance to me is scent eliminator. The last thing I want to do is leave my human scent behind only for one of my deer to never come back to that area.


J. McFarland:

My one item that I ALWAYS bring into the field (other than toilet paper) is garbage bags.  Big, heavy duty garbage bags are lightweight and have infinite uses such as a stuff sack to keep clothes and gear dry, rain protection, tent, water transportation, game bag, etc.

HannahH. Utley:

I always take my homemade “emergency pack.”  I use a small waterproof compression sack to hold para-cord, flint, cotton balls, matches, marking tape, a small knife, and a compass.  My dad taught me to always be prepared, and I know that in using the tools in my emergency pack I can Macgyver a solution to most problems.

KarlK. Mårtensson

I always take my camera. I love getting pictures of the hunted game or just images of nature like lakes, trees, game, ground, blinds, and hunters. I get excited when I sit in front of the computer and reflect back on past hunts using all of the photos.

GrahamG. Ford:

“Whether I am scouting, hunting, fishing, or just out for a hike in the woods, I always have a multi-tool in my pocket.  You don’t know how often you need one until you have one on you all the time.  From sawing branches for a duck blind, to pulling out swallowed fish hooks, or even fixing boat motors, there isn’t much a multi-tool and ingenuity can’t fix.  MacGyver was a role model for me when I was young kid.  I guess that might be where it all started.”



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