Welcome to Harvesting Nature. It is the purpose of this blog to provide information and entertainment to individuals who are seeking to learn more about hunting, fishing, the outdoor lifestyle, and cooking your catch.

There are two additional pages which are labeled About Us and Locations. In the About Us section, you will find a little information about the contributing authors and their perspectives on the value of hunting and fishing.

The Locations page serves as geographical reference for the outdoor excursions which will be discussed in the articles. The pin points will be generalized to an area such as a lake. Its no fun if someone just shows you where the honey hole is for you next fishing trip. Part of the excitement and adventure is the pursuit.

Because we are now based in San Diego, you will find a lot of the articles will be located in Southern California. This is a very diverse area within the U.S. because you can go from hunting in the mountains to fishing at the beach in less than two hours. For those people who are not enthused to hear about Southern California, please be patient. As we acquire more contributing writers in different areas of the country, our locations will expand.

Until then, sit back, read, comment, interact, and enjoy. Remember, any day is a good day to teach someone new about hunting and fishing. Promote the sport it keeps it alive.

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