S. Buoy

Nebraska PaddlefishI was born and raised in a Christian home on a cattle ranch in North Central Nebraska. When I wasn’t helping dad and grandpa work cattle or at church, I was usually hunting. Be it hunting sparrows with my best friend in the wild expanse of tree groves in our back yard. Or hunting black bear deep in the back country of Montana. It has always been something I’ve been around or interested in. I’m always hearing people say Nebraska is flat and treeless. Well those people have obviously never been to the Sandhills or the Niobrara River Valley where I grew up. I knew at an early age if you shot a deer at the bottom, or if you wanted to chase trout in the streams, you better have eaten your Wheaties. I think that’s what fuels my desire to become a better athlete and hunt more in the mountains than in a tree stand.

I’ve lived in Nebraska pretty much my whole life except for a few years in Kansas and Wyoming for college. Being on a rodeo scholarship I regrettably didn’t hunt in either state near as much as I should have, but I was however introduced to Emeril Lagasse and my love for cooking. I’m sure from the family I grew up in it was only a matter of time before it developed. But those nights studying for finals and watching Emeril whip up some Cajun dish had my full attention.

So now, at age 33 I’m hopelessly addicted to bulldogging, hunting (especially with my recurve), and trying to make the most delicious meals possible with what God allows me to harvest.

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