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Kristine FischerEven at a young age, Kristine wasn’t one to adhere to societal norms. Growing up in a home unimpeded by the restraints of a television, she had a natural inclination towards the outdoors.  Her adolescence was spent fishing the various ponds and creeks around her hometown, or exploring the woods in her backyard.  Fast forward year later, and little has changed. She worked in the hunting and fishing department at a large retailer for 5 years, trying to work her way up the corporate ladder to be able to identify with the world’s view of success.  However, she couldn’t ignore the innate, insatiable desire to want to live a different type of life, a life deemed unsustainable by conventional society.  She quit her full-time job, gave up her benefits and became self-employed so that she could be the boss of her own life.

Kristine has a passion for the outdoors and the experiences and life lessons it provides. She is constantly on the water, or in the field pursing wild game.  There is nothing better than the feeling and respect that comes with harvesting your kill, providing your body with the organic fuel that is essential to maintain an active lifestyle.

Kristine FischerShe is an avid bow hunter, waterfowler, backpacker, hiker, rock climber, solo adventurer and world traveler.   Most would say that fishing is her passion, but what really drives her is redefining the boundaries, pushing her own perceived limits and engaging in an ongoing, intimate relationship with fear and adversity in order to gain a better understanding of herself. She is an advocate for living in the moment and trusting in your passions and in life. She wants to encourage others to venture out of their comfort zones and into the realms of uncertainty and chaos.  “It is only when we embrace the struggles, take the risks and experience failure that we truly gain a better understanding of who we are as human beings” she says.  She has chosen the path of chaos, but to her,  She can’t fathom living any type of life that wasn’t regarded to as chaotic.

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Instagram:  @midwestfischergal


Articles by K. Fischer

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