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Joe Minich
I was just a young buck, about two or three years old, when one morning my father returned home with a seven-point whitetail he shot with his bow.  It’s hard to say what part of that experience sparked the fire within, but ever since I have had a burning obsession for all things hunting, fishing, and outdoor adventure.  I was blessed that my dad and “Pap” continued to teach me in the woods, lakes and streams of Western Pennsylvania, and occasionally beyond.

DSCN0750After my college years at Penn State flew by, I moved to the sprawling metropolis of the Washington DC area. I learned a lot about myself as an outdoorsman and as a person in those formative years.  Most of all, living in the city made me realize how fortunate I was to be immersed in the outdoors from a young age.

I observed that participating in the cycle of life, not just being an occasional observer to nature’s beauty, seemed to lead to a more fulfilling existence in comparison to those raised among the concrete jungle.  It provides a connection to our ancestors and our instincts, and ultimately I think the world is a better place when more people get to experience those connections.

My hunting experiences have broadened over the years beyond the whitetail and small game around home, and I was able to fulfill a lifelong dream of hunting elk with my bow in Colorado and Idaho.  This new obsession led to a greater appreciation of America’s wildest places and a greater interest in conservation that continues to influence me on a daily basis.

Joe Minich

I know of dozens of people whom I consider to be better hunters and fishers than myself.  More than dispensing advice in that vein or claiming to be an expert, I strive to connect with broad audiences to be an advocate our lifestyle and the wild places we live for.  I live to hunt and fish, I love to write, and I care deeply about conservation, so Harvesting Nature is an obvious fit and I hope to provide engaging and informative content for years to come.

I now live in Central Pennsylvania with my beautiful wife Liz.  We are excited to become parents for the first time this summer.  I list bowhunting for elk and deer, walleye fishing, and cooking as my primary interests, but I dabble in many other pursuits, and love to write about new experiences.

Joe Minich


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