Gunnar Emberg

I born and raised in the mountains of Pennsylvania. A state with a long tradition for hunting, I was
naturally born into it. After joining the Navy at 18, and hunting other states, I quickly realized I fell victim
to the old traditions of hunting. During my time in the Navy, I developed my connection to nature
through my Scandinavian heritage. I quickly developed new hunting ethics that challenged the old
traditions instilled in me when I was little. I no longer uses tree stands, stopped hunting for trophy
animals, stopped using scents, baits, and attractants. I wanted to make my hunts harder to be able to
respect the animal as much as possible.

During my childhood, I took to cooking shows rather than cartoons. My favorite shows included Alton
Brown’s Good Eats, Iron Chef America, and Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Upon getting to my first duty
station, I quickly realized I had to cook for myself. I recalled all of those shows which gave me more
confidence to attempt new dishes in the kitchen. While in the Navy, I began to do my own research into
nutrition and experiment with different dietary theories. What I began to realize is a lot of sports
nutrition meals, were very bland, so I would put more emphasis on seasoning. I soon realized that my
meals were my escape from stress, even for a couple minutes. I could create a memory around how a
dish tasted and ate.

After leaving the Navy, I pursued a degree in Wildlife Biology to further my knowledge for hunting,
animal movement, reading the land, and my knowledge of trees. I also began to study archery more to
be able to build my own arrows and tune my own bows. Having more cooking freedom as well, I started
experimenting more in the kitchen and found my groove. I soon left his job to become a butcher to learn
better knife skills and the art of cutting meat. I fell deeply in love with flavors and techniques that you
see on TV but no one ever does at home. I began cooking for his friends and family more and more
before finally taking on my first catering gig in April of 2022. That event led me to start The Hungry
Huntsman, where I am a camp cook for hire as well as a freelance writer and digital creator.

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