G. Thurman

G. ThurmanGrowing up living in the country outside of the town of Erie, Kansas I was surrounded by nature and all of its bounty.  Like my fellow field staff writers my father was the greatest influence in lighting the fire of dedication to the outdoor lifestyle.   My youngest memories are of helping my dad put up furs from his trap line every winter.   My enthusiasm for hunting grew by leaps and bounds after getting to experience big game hunting for whitetails, mule deer and antelope. Of all the places I have hunted in the country my home is still Kansas which to me is the pinnacle of big deer hunting.

I am blessed to live in Wichita, Kansas with my wife Anna.  I work in health care in the field of nuclear medicine.  G. ThurmanMy passion is the outdoors but my life’s work is helping the sick.  Nothing brings me more comfort and joy than being in god’s creation.  It did not take me long to realize that our way of life is worth fighting for and protecting for future generations long after our tracks have been washed away.  I am a very active conservationist and member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Back Country Hunters and Anglers and the Kansas Bow hunters Association.

Every September I can be found climbing mountains in Colorado chasing elk or if lucky enough to draw a tag, the mule deer that live in impossibly high basins.  My favorite animal to hunt is mule deer in my home state of Kansas.  My father got me started with the obsession of the giant racked deer that live in the western part of our state.

Over the last few years I have been lucky enough to share many hunting camps with my friends and family.  I find great joy in introducing people to our way of life and showing them how important it is that we do not become disconnected from our food.  I am so grateful for being able to share with everyone a part of my life that brings me such great fulfillment.


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