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Shamus_StoneLike many, my introduction to the outdoors began at an early age. I can clearly remember my first trips out salmon fishing with my grandfather and trout fishing with my father, when I was probably three or four. From those early adventures my love and passion for everything outdoors stemmed. I almost became fanatical. Every waking moment for me was consumed with everything hunting, fishing and the outdoors.

unnamed (1)Growing up on Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, was like paradise for a youth with a love of the outdoors. I cut my teeth fishing small streams and lakes for rainbows and cutthroats, bigger rivers for browns and steelhead and out on the ocean for salmon, along with various other species. As I grew older my interest in hunting grew as well. And now I spend my time hunting blacktail, whitetail, mule deer, moose, elk and black bear throughout BC.

After high school, I moved away for University which only amplified my love for where I came from and, soon after graduating, I moved back home. I now have a family of my own, who I hope I can instill the same love and passion for the outdoor spaces we are so fortunate to have right out our backyards.

As much as I can’t wait to teach my kids about the outdoors, I am still a student myself and I take every opportunity to gain a bit of knowledge from every source I can. I also try to share as much as I can. The greatest part of nature to me is the constant challenge and what is success can only be defined by you.

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