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Canada Goose Kabobs

Recipe contributed by Field Staff Writer C. Pauli.

Unless you’re a recluse that never leaves the confines of man-made structures, chances are you’ve seen a Canada goose in your life. Known primarily for their bad habit of defecating on parks and golf courses across the U.S., these winged beasts also serve a higher purpose unheard of by most people – dinner.

Yes, within this graceful creature resides some of the most delicious meat that will ever grace your grimy, charred grilling grate. Geese devour all sorts of waste grains as they migrate south (probably some of the same stuff being fed to a steer from which a $40 steak is cut). All this feasting and building of fat reserves equates to one epic meal for you, your family, and friends.

* For the love of all things delicious, please DO NOT waste this meal on someone you don’t like. Be selfish, and indulge in all its glory.

Now, here’s how we turn these birds into a mouthwatering dish.

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  • 2 wild Canada goose breasts, trimmed and cut into 1½” – 2″ cubes
  • 1 package of thin bacon
  • Liquid smoke
  • Garlic powder
  • Italian dressing
  • Red pepper flakes
  • 1 pineapple
  • 1 of each bell pepper: yellow, orange and red.
  • A Ziploc bag or food storage container.
  • Wooden kabob sticks soaked in water for 30 minutes.


  1. From within the confines of your meat storage device, produce two goose breasts. Thaw and trim, checking for any pesky shot, aka tooth breakers. Cut each breast into 1-½” or so cubes – each breast should give you roughly 20 pieces of meat. Toss these in a Ziploc bag and add enough Italian dressing to cover the meat. Sprinkle in garlic and red pepper flakes to taste. Add a few dashes of liquid smoke. If you need more hair on your chest, add another dash.Marinating the Canada Goose Breasts
  2. Refrigerate for 12-24 hours, in which time you could learn a song to serenade your lover. If you do not have a lover, find one to share your meal with. If they don’t love you now, they will afterwards.
  3. Start soaking your skewers and then fire up your charcoal grill. While the coals are warming up, pull your marinated bag of goodness out of the fridge and prep the kabobs. Slice-up all your ingredients and place in individual containers, as the assembling part can be a bit messy. I like to use a large baking pan to set all the assembled kabobs on – makes for easy transport out to the grill.
  4. Wrap each piece of goose with one thin strip of bacon and place on skewer. I like to alternate pineapple and different colored peppers with the meat, but you can do whatever you like.
  5. Distribute an even bed of hot coals in bottom of the grill and throw those kabobs on! Rotate every couple of minutes – remember, goose meat is very dense and cooks fast. I cook mine until medium or medium well.

Putting Goose Kabobs on the grill

Now eat, drink and be merry!

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