Film: The Headwaters by Harvesting Nature

It is mesmerizing how much one tiny item can cause so much enjoyment, happiness, frustration, and sadness. In the most simple form, a fly is nothing more than a hook, feathers, fur, and wire which is skillfully constructed by the hands of the fly tyer. In a complex sense, that same fly is constructed with a predetermined set of conditions, environment, water flow, and fish species in mind. Depending on how it is cast, allowed to sink or float, it will yield fruitful or bare.

With all this said, I recently had the pleasure of chasing wild trout at the headwaters of the Santa Ana River near Big Bear Lake, California. These same waters converge together with other local streams to form the same Santa Ana River that is seen flowing through the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. At the headwaters, you feel so far separated from the hustle of the city down below. You feel far removed from everything other than your pursuit. Read the accompanying article

Pan Fried Trout with Smoked Butter Tomato Sauce closeupWe honored the trout by preparing a delicious meal. Click the picture view the recipe.

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